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Counseling & Coordinators

Counseling and Coordinators









Ms. C Gonzalez

9th Grade Attendance Counselor

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Mr. H. Meza
Title I Coordinator



















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ACT Testing Schedule

College Applications 
If you need assistance with completing and submitting college applications, please meet with your counselor.  

A-G Curriculum Policies
LAUSD will implement the new graduation requirements in two phases, beginning with the Class of 2016 by:

  • Raising the standards for LAUSD graduates by moving forward with implementation of A-G college-prep requirements for LAUSD graduation as adopted in 2005.
  • Reestablishing the minimum number of credits to graduate from 230 to 210 (including Health) so students have more chances to prepare for and pass A-G courses. 
  • Raising the current passing grade for A-G courses to a “C” or better for the graduating Class of 2017 and beyond so students who apply to any public California university can automatically be considered for admission.

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