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SVHS completed the WASC Accreditation process in 2013-2014 earning a two year term for accreditation.  To view our full reports including recommendations and commendations given by the WASC committee, click here.  To view our action plan created by our faculty, click here. SVHS has already began meeting the needs of our students with our new bell schedule, Career and College Pathways, and commitment to students success.  



FEB 10, 2011
SVHS Initial WASC visitation was February 10, 2011.  The WASC team visiting our classrooms, meet with parent representatives, students, and the Instructional Cabinet.  They reviewed exit report findings including commendations and recommendations with the SVHS administrative team.  This Initial report including areas of strengths and needs was reviewed with all stakeholders.


March 23, 2014
WASC Committee Visit - Click here for the School Visitation Schedule
Click here to review our 2014 WASC Report


What is WASC Accreditation and why is it important to SVHS?


Every public high school and college must conduct a self-study in order to be accredited. The organization that determines the accreditation term is called the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).



The organization gathers a group of administrators, teachers, former teachers, and/or district personnel from around the state to formally visit our school and verify a report that our school generates as a result of our self-study.



This report is written collectively by the staff and must be submitted to the school board for approval. Because the SVHS WASC visit is scheduled for the end of March 2014, we began the process of the self during the 2012-13 school year and are continuing the process this school year. From now until the visit, focus groups have met and will continue meeting to discuss various issues during professional development Tuesday time. Parent and student volunteers have been working alongside teachers, staff members, and administrators to examine school programs, support services, and academics among other pertinent topics. Our goal was to produce a valuable report and to receive the best accreditation.



Why is Accreditation important to students? 



Schools that are granted a commendable accreditation term (6 years is the best!) have shown themselves to be highly capable of producing competent, college-bound graduates. Schools that are not granted a good accreditation term are not looked favorably upon by colleges. Students want to go on to college after high school. If SVHS is not accredited well or at all, students’ high school diplomas will not be valid for college admission.