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Fine Arts

Sun Valley Media Academy

The Sun Valley Media Academy’s goal is to shape young minds to be prepared for tomorrow's challenges not only in film, but in life and give our students the ability to cognitively understand society and allow them the freedom to make choices for their own success. 

The Sun Valley Media Academy is a Los Angeles Unified Career Technical Education Pathway to the Arts & Entertainment Industry. Our students receive “hands-on” training with the state of the art film/production equipment. We have relationships with Industry Professionals which allow our students access for the many different careers in Film and Television.

The Academy consist of 3 Levels: 

  • Beginning Filmmaking 1 A&B,
  • Intermediate Filmmaking 2 A&B
  • Advance Filmmaking 3 A&B.

Our students receive college credit for our Advance course.

The Beginning Filmmaking Course:

Features state of the art equipment with a curriculum designed to help high school students achieve. This class is for the beginning filmmaker and for those students who want to understand the history of Cinematography, basic shooting, editing, screenwriting and sound techniques.

The Filmmakers produce two silent short films in their first year. 

The Intermediate Filmmaking Course: 

Learns all of the following in this class: Advance Camera Techniques (steady cam, shoulder rigs) Gripping, Flags/Scrims/C-Stands, Shooting with diffusion, Light manipulation, Advance Final Cut Pro X Editing techniques, Synchronizing sound with video, Sound operation, On Set roles, directing choices for storytelling, continuity, “Breaking” rules, and Advanced DSLR’s. 

The Filmmaker's produce two short narrative films during the second year. 

The student's receive Multimedia 610 College Credit for the CSU system.

Advanced Filmmaking Course:

The Student's create media content on a mastery level in all facets of film. Advance Editing, Techniques Studio Cameras with Cine Lenses. Screenwriting with subtext and plots. Industry Partnerships for Career Readiness Internships. Film Festival submissions. Advance Camera movement (dolly movement, steady cam movement) Student driven facilitated content. These students have the opportunity to produce their films on the Universal Backlot. 

The Filmmaker's produce short narratives, documentary style, Public Service Announcements and Commercials. 


Universal Backlot Production

The Sun Valley Media Academy's partnership with the New York Film Academy allows the filmmakers to produce short films at the highest level. The Content Creators shoot, direct and edit their films on the Universal Backlot at Universal Studios. Below are some images of this full production day.